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Notification Tester

Email Pushbullet ManualEvent

Basic Description

This scenario combines a simple Manual agent to generate an event and emit it to a PushBullet agent and an Email agent. It’s intended as a demonstration scenario or for testing the configuration of the PushBullet and Email agents

Agent Breakdown

Manual Agent: Used to generate an event that will be recieved by the other 2 agents

PushBullet Agent: Send’s the event generated by the Manual agent to PushBullet, and by extension, all your devices.

Email Agent: Send’s the event generated by the Manual agent to the email address of your choosing

Required Configuration

You will need to create the following credentials:

Name = pushbullet_api_key, Mode = Text, Value = Your Pushbullet API Key

Name = email_recipients, Mode = Text, Value = A comma separated list of email addresses wrapped in quotes, i.e. "", ""

Additional Info

This scenario is designed to allow you to generate a test event containing a title field and a message field which is revieved by a PushBullet agent and an Email agent which will send a pushbullet notification/email message with the title/subject and message text you set, using the following template in the Manual agent:

{ "title": "TITLE/SUBJECT TEXT HERE", "message": "MESSAGE TEXT HERE" }

Agent Event Flow a83192527023980731017 Send Test Email a9834938437458868627 Send Test Event a99407665000459709835 Generate Test Event a99407665000459709835->a83192527023980731017 a99407665000459709835->a9834938437458868627

Send Test Email (EmailAgent)


Send Test Event (PushbulletAgent)


Generate Test Event (ManualEventAgent)